Protect you online!

Protect you online by Ana Ramirez
As I always say, our personal finances are more than just money.
I won't be surprised if you know someone who has already be victim of an scammer online.
We are in 2023, being naive on internet is not an option today, there is not place for that on internet now, when people are scrolling on the phone every two minutes. 
Tell me why someone, somewhere, who doesn't know you, would like to give you money for free ??? Just because ???  NO ... it doesn't make any sense so, why do you still believing that kind of fairytales ?
Try to be aware ... the rich widowed, the rich dying woman, the single rich man, the rich man who can't put his money out of his country, the huge heritage that someone want to share with you because you are a really good person. 
Even a four years old kid will ask the right question ... why someone you don't know want to give you her/his money for free ?
I say things as they are, so, if you want complicated words to talk about money, I suggest you a book about economy.  If you want soft words, maybe a psychology book will works for you.
Don't forget ... in any kind of relationship you need two !
If someone scam someone else, is because:
  • Person #1 wanted to take advantage of person #2 ... and
  • Person #2 ... allowed it !

As simple as that !

You as each person in this planet, you are working very hard to earn your money ... so protect it !

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"In a world where you can be anything, be kind."