Make a budget - Part 2

Make your budget - Part 2 by Ana Ramirez

Now that your list of paiements and incomes is ready ... it's time to put it down on your agenda or something like that !

In a monthly agenda, write each paiement on the day that it has to be done.

For example, rent the first day of the month, and so on ... same thing for your incomes.

This exercise is a simple way to control your expenses, because you will know how much you can really spend per week and per month.

You will know how much you are really paying per month for the fancy coffee that you are buying each morning ... for example, each coffee means 6$ every morning from monday to friday, it means 30$ per week, in 52 weeks it will be 1560$ per year ... did you know the same fancy coffee could cost you 1$ if you prepare it yourself at home?  It will be something like 5$ per week, in 52 week it is 260$ per year, let's exaggerate a little bit with the whipped cream ... so let's say 360$ per year instead of 1560$, just in coffee you could save 1200$ per year !

The point is not to deprive yourself of the little pleasures of life, is just about spending wisely.  

Now, pick a goal, like vacations, buying a new car, starting your own business, or paying a credit card ... anything ... just spend wisely and you can achieve any goal!

Remember, you are working hard to earn a salary, nobody will knock the door according you three wishes like the genius of the lamp.  You have the control of your finances, and only YOU can improve your economic situation ... because you are the master of your life !

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