Make a budget - Part 1

Make a budget by Ana Ramirez

Don't run away ... we are just starting !

Don't be affraid of the word budget !  It won't hurt you !

This will be an amazing exercise and your dear ego won't like it.

I assure you, making a budget is an effectif therapy if you want to stop smoking or even drinking... are you wondering why?

I've seen people who stopped smoking once they realized they were spending something around 600$ or 700$ per month on cigarrettes, they never thought how much it was costing them per month.

Today buying and spending things that we don't need, with money that we don't have is just too easy, doesn't matter if you have cash or not, you don't even need a plastic debit or credit card anymore, just with your cell phone you can pay anything... anywhere.

Tell me, do you know how much are you spending on your fancy coffee every morning?

Take one hour, maybe two or more, it doesn't matter ... but please, take a piece of paper and start writing down every single paiement you have each month ... all of them !

Rent, education, groceries, loans, credit cards, banking fees, gym, fancy coffee, cell phone bills, beer, wine, going out, clothes, gifts, books, and so on !!!

Don't forget even one paiement, you will need a list of every single dollar you spend.

I know people working since they were 16 years old, and at their 30 years old they still living from one paycheck to the other one.  But some of them did the exercise and gained control of their financial lives.  They started seeing their money in a different way, and they were so proud when they were able to start saving.

Once you have you list of paiements done, take another piece of paper and this time write down how much money you are making per month.

When you finish, think about it, you will realize some things by yourself!

We will continue talking next week!


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