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Financial Mess Learn anything you want by Ana Ramirez

Have you ever wanted to learn something and it wasn't affordable?

Being financially healthy is not only a question of money ... the most valuable actif you own is your knowledge.  Everything you can learn about how to manage your money wisely should be welcome to your life.
Financial education I never saw it at the university, I found by myself every piece of financial information I needed, it took time but it was worthy.
If you are asking yourself where to find that ?
Start by questioning your life and your financial habits ... you will need books, but the point here today is ... you don't need to spend a fortune on books when you have hundreds and hundreds of books for free at the public library ... try it ... books won't eat your fingers.
There is not limit for all the things you can learn ... for free !
Times have changed, if you don't invest in your own education you are saying no to all the humankind knowledge.
Let's see ... you want to buy the last financial guru's book ... while you're trying to organise your finances, don't buy a book ... save the 50$ bucks and go to the public library.  Once you're in a better financial position buy any book you want.
You will learn at the same time the difference between the I want to buy it ... and the ... Do I really need it ?
Financial education is not as complicated as we always listened, if we keep things simple we can go further and achieve our financial goals.
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