Do you have a plan?

Do you have a plan? by Ana Ramirez

Are you one of those who when they hear the word plan think about the party next weekend or one of those who plan up even the number of seconds it takes them to change their socks?

Let's give it a chance to the word ... Balance !

You know life is not a straight line, you know it’s like a roller coaster, with ups and downs, hell bends and crazy pushes.

A plan will help you to focus on your goals. A plan will help you come up with creative solutions. You have dreams, goals ... but you go throught life like a leaf in the wind.

If you don't have a plan, you won't have a strategy !

If you don't have a strategy, you won't have concret actions to achieve your dreams !

And you know it ... without actions, dreams will still being dreams !

Think about your dreams, make a plan, take actions, stay focused and keep going !


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