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Financial Mess - Check prices by Ana Ramirez

We all work hard every single day, we change time for money ... is it possible to buy time? No! 

We can go to a pharmacy for a prescription to buy medicaments but, is it possible to buy health? No!

So, let's try to get the more we can for the money we spend, for example ... at the grocery store, always check the price per 100ml or gr ... there you'll see if there is a real deal or not!

Often we hear we should compare apples with apples, so , your comparison measure will be the 100gr or ml or something else, just be sure you are comparing the same measures, gr with gr for example, in this way you will know immediately if a price is convenient for your budget or not.

Just, try it once, you'll see ... after, it will become a habit.

I teached that to my kids years ago, and sometimes I was so tired as single mothers we are most of the time ... lol ... and I asked to my kids at the grocery store as a game for them, sweatie ... please, help my find which price is better!  They enjoyed that, it was funny at the same time they learned and I had their help which I really appreciated.

It seems simple, but lots of people don't have any idea of that ... share the information as much as you can.

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