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Financial Mess - Banking Fees: Discover low-cost and no-cost accounts by Ana Ramirez

When you want to be in charge of your personal finances you should know where is going every single dollar you spent. Let's talk about banking fees. Have you seen how much do you pay every month for your checking account? Do you know how much is your bank charging you for Interac transfers and any other fees?

For example, I remember years ago I was paying 12$ only in monthly fees for my checking account, I payed that longtime without questioning, in my mind it was something like ... I need a checking account for my paycheck to be deposited, so if I had to pay any fees I suppose it is just normal and everybody is paying the same. What I didn't know was that I had more options, that banking fees are not the same on each bank. The 12$ I was paying, was 6,99$ here, 4$ over there and even 0$ somewhere else, so I start researching about that, I did a list of all the banks around me and review each one of them and their banking fees, that list help me to compare and understand better what I was doing and what I should change.

I found an account with zero monthly fees and I took it. I said to myself ... look myself, if a bank can do that is because is already making money with you, so why not?

All the options on the market are good, just be sure the one you choose is the want that is convenient for your budget.

12$ per month means 144$ per year ... and in that time I couldn't afford it ... it was for me a luxury ... luckily things are different now, but the point is ... why should I give my hard worked money? Why I should give away 144$ per year if I can get the same service for 0$?

You can say, it's just 12$, I can pay that, but what it means 144$ for you? A car loan payment? Groceries for one week ?

Just think about it!

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